Photoshoot with Ai Kawashimo

I recently had a photoshoot with Singer and Harpist Ai Kawashimo  for her upcoming album and show in Japan. I first met Ai when I was in my last year at NESOP, my boyfriend had class with her and thought she had a great look and I should photograph her!

And oh how right he was! I did a portrait session with her and from then on we have kept in contact and become friends. She has such great energy and spunk that photographing her is always more like playing than work!

We did a slightly more conservative look.

And then we went a color crazy! Everyone knows that color is a venture for me but I think Ai has brought me into a much more colorful place. Watch out!

The Bejeweled thing Ai is holding is a tuning Key for her Harp. How awesome is that!!!

xx. Jackie Puwalski