Los Muertos Photoshoot

Makeup Artist extraordinar Ms. Rose Fortuna and I had been talking about doing a halloween inspired photo shoot for a long time. She had the amazing inspiration to pull out all the stops and do a day of the day editorial.

We were so lucky to have such a willing crew for this shoot, I mean Cynthia (the stylist and I) lugged the dresser up from a musty basement and lit it on fire in the middle of the lawn. How fun is that?!

(This is one of my favorites from this shoot. I was later honored to know that it won "Shot of the week" on Melissa Rodwell's Fashion photography Blog. http://www.fashionphotographyblog.com/2010/11/jackie-puwalski/
She has and continues to been a tremendous inspiration to me, so it ment a great deal to be recognized by her.)

Photography: Jackie Puwalski
Post processing: Jackie Puwalski
Model: Christine Keenan @ Maggie Inc.
Wardrobe Stylist: Cynthia August
Makeup: Rose Fortuna
Hair: Justin Robey

The rest of this editorial can be viewed on NewBrahmin.com or Jackiepuwalski.com