Out Of Line Editorial

    I first met Faye Hurley when we were both students and working on our final portfolios, Faye's graduation collection was wonderfully whimsical and a true delight to look at.

   We lost touch and a few months ago got in contact again and she informed me that she was working on a collection of jewelry and wanted to finally work together. After much brainstorming and fun chats we decided to step out of our collective comfort zones and pair her jewelry with an explosion of bright colors and patterns!

 I have to say that this experience may have been a turning point for me and led me to a love affair with color.  ;-)
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It was a clean studio day!

Faye adjusting Ruth's outfit, and Meeka being our lovely prop dog ;-)

"Just trust me on this one guys, lets attach her to the wall."

Faye, Ruth, Rose, and I