Made of Adamantium

  One of the main reasons that I made the move back to Baltimore was to have corrective surgery preformed on both of my feet.  The surgery itself and the recovery period have consumed a significant part of the past year.

An example of healthy muscle and bone structure

On the left you can se the drastic misdirection of the bone in my big toe (it is the same on the other foot) and on the right you see where they cut and corrected it using a staple and screw.

 I was confined to bedrest for a large part of each recovery period, as anyone who has had to endure this, it doesn't take you long to go stir crazy. However, after a few weeks I began to enjoy books and documentaries with growing interest. Oddly it was the downtime from the surgery that allowed my to cultivate and expand my other interests.

My foot had to be kept elevated with ice on it and I was under strict bedrest.

I spent my day reading, watching and learning.

After I was finally healed and walking after the first surgery I had to have the whole procedure repeated for the second foot.

 I return to photography with a greater hunger and playfulness. I can't wait to make some images!