In The Days of Innocence

  Shooting at The Harvard Museum of Natural History was an amazing experience. Thank you to my amazing team of Sam Mendoza, Rose Fortuna, Yasutaké Kosaka, and Tessa Morrissey @ Maggie (especially Tessa and Rose who came straight to set from a Karmaloop shoot earlier in the day, you guys are amazing.)

  The whole experience was unforgettable, it has secretly been a dream of mine to be locked away in a museum after hours. I can't remember the novel that instilled that desire in me but it has, at long last, been fulfilled!

  The story of this shoot is one of a girl who is the last living being. She lives and seeks comfort in a place where everything is posed and manicured to look alive, this museum.

  I have always thought museums rather strange places. Millions of people cycle through, pressing their hands to glass and looking at objects and specimens from the past. Things that have been void of life for sometimes thousands of years. It is interesting to think that, as a society, we are so uncomfortable with death that we do incredibly intricate things to make things appear alive forever.

  I like the idea that if a person was the last living being, they would seek out these places of suspended time and make them their reality, building relationships and reverence for the things contained within it's walls.

Tessa in the grand hall

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Out Of Line Editorial

    I first met Faye Hurley when we were both students and working on our final portfolios, Faye's graduation collection was wonderfully whimsical and a true delight to look at.

   We lost touch and a few months ago got in contact again and she informed me that she was working on a collection of jewelry and wanted to finally work together. After much brainstorming and fun chats we decided to step out of our collective comfort zones and pair her jewelry with an explosion of bright colors and patterns!

 I have to say that this experience may have been a turning point for me and led me to a love affair with color.  ;-)
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It was a clean studio day!

Faye adjusting Ruth's outfit, and Meeka being our lovely prop dog ;-)

"Just trust me on this one guys, lets attach her to the wall."

Faye, Ruth, Rose, and I


I Recently did a shoot at this amazing house in Manchester by the Sea. It was easily the most breath taking house I have ever been in. There was statues, spirals staircases, and secret passageways galore!

I haven't quite finished up the post work but I wanted to share a few snap shots of the big crew we had that day.
Rose Fortuna, Jeri Evan , Rich Manly, ME, Cynthia August, Janet, Nina Van Brunt 

Rose Fortuna, Jeri Evan , Rich Manly , ME, Cynthia August, Janet, Nina Van Brunt

The connecting hallway in the house, I wish I could wake up to this every morning.

(Rose and I were pretty into the secret passageway that lead to the bathroom. SO AMAZING!)