Ai Kawashimo: CD Promo 2

  I really do feel privileged that I get to do photo shoots that so much fun. I get to work with a team that constantly has me on my toes with a permanent smile affixed to my face. My clients are also so much fun to work for, especially Ai. This is the second cd promo shoot we have done together and one of the things I love about her love of excess. She is always the first to suggest adding MORE, going BIGGER, getting more ELABORATE and it is just so much damn fun!

   She emailed me about scheduling this shoot with only the stipulation that she wanted one look with cat makeup, you heard me. I was stumped on how to make this work for a while but you know how I like a challenge and I quickly contacted Rose Fortuna and Yasutaké Kosaka we put our heads together to brainstorm an approach.

    The best thing as a photographer is when everything just flows, everyone contributes to the shoot and we create something together, and that definitely happened with this shoot. The photos came out great and so did the memories!