Protect Me

   The idea of fashion as armor has been on my mind for a while now, and as some of you know, it is a theme that pops up  frequently in my shoots in some way or another. It is a concept I believe to be at the center of many fashion designs as well as the creation of clothing itself. Fashion is a means by which we keep what is inside, the entity of us, within ourselves. It acts as an armoring vessel. It is also a way to keep us protected from the world.

    I am really interested in exploring the iconography of traditional armor pieces as well as how they have influenced fashion. What is it about the shapes and texture of armor that, when mimicked, create  a type of mental armor that allows us to feel safe.

   This shoot has become a launching pad to what I am sure will be lengthy exploration of this idea.

The full editorial can be seen in Alexis Magazine Vol. 10
Select jewelry used in shoot by Blood Milk Jewelry

Spirited Magazine: Noir Editorial

   I have to say I struggled with the lighting for this shoot, creating abstract shadows that are appealing to the eye is trickier than you might think. But for having a slow start this shoot has produced one of my favorite images I have produced so far. Ondi is such an amazing model, she really gives you all of herself which is the best thing you can ask of a model. This shoot was all about light and drama, and she nailed it!

I absolutely love this image!