Creation will initiate Inspiration.

   So lately I have been going through a little creative drought. I became so focused on creating photographs that it actually hindered my creative thinking. I lost myself really, it seemed like even though I was technically going in the right direction I was straying further and further from what felt natural and creative. So recently I have been making more things with my hands and it has been a tremendous help.

   I started with my christmas presents (becuase anyone who has exchanged presents with me will tell you that packaging is my FAVORITE part), I decided to reuse all my paper trader joe bags and adorn them with watercolor paintings. From there I was just kind of in a frenzy to create everything. I'm sketching again and I even went to town with some modeling clay and made all sorts of things. All in all I found it very therapeutic and in fact I think I am going to be making more of my props for my photoshoot.

    Here are some photos of the things I made so far this winter, I'd love to hear your thoughts and I hope your winter is full of warm memories!

(Wreath I made for our door out of recycled cardboard boxes, counter top shavings and hot glue.)

(Detail shots of the wreath I made.)

(The center piece I made for Christmas dinner, kind of a rebirth theme. Made from spray painted found sticks, reused paper shopping bag birds and recycled egg shells)

(Silhouette of centerpiece bird) (I also made floral themed name card holders out of modeling clay and recycled cardboard)

(My sister's Christmas present wrapper. Made out of a recycled shopping bag)

(Close up of wrapping paper and headband I made my sister for christmas. Headband made out of modeling clay, ribbon and reused button.)

(My sister's headband)

(My cousin's christmas present wrapping. Made out of recycled tissue paper and shopping bag.)

(Letter with my handmade seal. Carved from rubber stock and set in a crown royal liqueur top.)

(A close up of Matt & Lauren's present wrapping. Made from a recycled shopping bag.)

(More of Matt & Lauren's Wrapping)

(Close up of Matt's Mom's present wrapping. Made from recycled tissue paper.)