All can glitter, if you make it gold

After my surgery, I was eager to plan something in New York. I have been thinking about this concept all throughout my recovery period and knew that Yasutaké Kosaka was just the man to pull of this amazing hair concept.

He created two amazing wigs that were absolutely beautiful. It was wonderful to do a street shoot again, I don't think I have done one since I was in school. I think the people of New York definitely got an eye full when our team walked down the street. It's not ever day you see a beautiful girl in a shinning gold wig! Well maybe less out of the ordinary in New York.....

Blood Milk Jewels that we used for the shoot.

Wardrobe layout 


Yuko Nakao dressing Muse Model Andrea Sheffield
Hey New York! We roll with our heads in boxes

We get a little weird after a long day of shooting! 

Look out for the published images in Esthétique Magazine issue 8.

Up all night, Sleep all day

   This shoot had so many hurtles, I think if it wasn't for the perfect combination of people on the team it would have been disastrous!
   Night time shoots are always challenging because everyone's energy is never as high as during the day but to add on to that issue it was also a rainy night. Talk about draaaaag. After a lot of initial confusion and everyone getting situated It was actually an amazingly funny night!

   The concept was insomnia, specifically how everything  seems to get more and more outlandish the further into sleep depravation you get.

I can not stress how amazing Christine is as a model, her personality and energy are amazing to have in the mix at a shoot. Beyond that I can always count on her to be willing to try any of my crazy ideas and look amazing while doing it!

   As it happens, we were all pretty sleep deprived by the end of this one. During the clean up and drive home we had all reached that wonderful part of exhaustion where absolutely EVERYTHING is funny. I guess this shoot was more in the vein of method acting... we were actually sleep deprived so we could relate completely to our subject matter! 

See the rest in Neon Black Magazine

  My sides hurt for days ;-)

Protect Me

   The idea of fashion as armor has been on my mind for a while now, and as some of you know, it is a theme that pops up  frequently in my shoots in some way or another. It is a concept I believe to be at the center of many fashion designs as well as the creation of clothing itself. Fashion is a means by which we keep what is inside, the entity of us, within ourselves. It acts as an armoring vessel. It is also a way to keep us protected from the world.

    I am really interested in exploring the iconography of traditional armor pieces as well as how they have influenced fashion. What is it about the shapes and texture of armor that, when mimicked, create  a type of mental armor that allows us to feel safe.

   This shoot has become a launching pad to what I am sure will be lengthy exploration of this idea.

The full editorial can be seen in Alexis Magazine Vol. 10
Select jewelry used in shoot by Blood Milk Jewelry

Spirited Magazine: Noir Editorial

   I have to say I struggled with the lighting for this shoot, creating abstract shadows that are appealing to the eye is trickier than you might think. But for having a slow start this shoot has produced one of my favorite images I have produced so far. Ondi is such an amazing model, she really gives you all of herself which is the best thing you can ask of a model. This shoot was all about light and drama, and she nailed it!

I absolutely love this image!

Spirited Magazine: Impenetrable Youth Editorial

  A look at the editorial I did for Spirited Magazine's 4th issue "Plastic City." It was a definitely a fun one because I got to work with my main girl Rose Fortuna and the wonderful Jeri Evan. Maya Luz wasn't able to make it to the actual shoot because of a scheduling conflict but she did send us an amazing box full  of goodies. Some her personal designs and some other pieces she put together for the shoots.

  I had been struggling with what exactly to do with the background but then I thought that It would be really interesting to play on the look of some of the latex pieces in the shoot. Utilizing glossy black trash bags, pieced together behind the model and attached together to create a giant parachute effect, we were able to create a really interesting dynamic.

In The Days of Innocence

  Shooting at The Harvard Museum of Natural History was an amazing experience. Thank you to my amazing team of Sam Mendoza, Rose Fortuna, Yasutaké Kosaka, and Tessa Morrissey @ Maggie (especially Tessa and Rose who came straight to set from a Karmaloop shoot earlier in the day, you guys are amazing.)

  The whole experience was unforgettable, it has secretly been a dream of mine to be locked away in a museum after hours. I can't remember the novel that instilled that desire in me but it has, at long last, been fulfilled!

  The story of this shoot is one of a girl who is the last living being. She lives and seeks comfort in a place where everything is posed and manicured to look alive, this museum.

  I have always thought museums rather strange places. Millions of people cycle through, pressing their hands to glass and looking at objects and specimens from the past. Things that have been void of life for sometimes thousands of years. It is interesting to think that, as a society, we are so uncomfortable with death that we do incredibly intricate things to make things appear alive forever.

  I like the idea that if a person was the last living being, they would seek out these places of suspended time and make them their reality, building relationships and reverence for the things contained within it's walls.

Tessa in the grand hall

See the rest on New Brahmin

Everything is magic

   The photo shoot that almost never was! I literally didn't know until 10 minutes before our location call time whether we would have permission to do this shoot. Luckily everything came together and everyone involved was gracious enough to go with the flow!

  I had previously done an amazing shoot in this historical house with model Christine Keenan and was dying to get back into the location before leaving Boston. It ended up being the best match for a shoot with Rich that I had been kicking around ever since the Idee Fixe editorial we shot together. Rich is a true renaissance man embodying the roles of actor, model, author, magician and I am sure many more. 

  The idea behind the shoot was  to see the man behind the mystery so to speak. The illusion of a man who deals in such; The practicality is magic and the magic is in the mystery of how it comes to be. 

Gatta love when you get to prop a shoot!

(Rose Fortuna doing some light work on model Rich Manley)

I think Rich was born to be primped!
(Model Rich Manley and Stylist Amanda Maciel Antunes)

(Model Rich Manley and I, we were both wishing that we could buy this house!)

("Quick everyone hold a prop!")

....It will be so Magical when you get to see a glimpse of the images!

Sinfully Sweet

   Makeup artist Dianna Quagenti and I have been wanting to work together for a while now and our schedules finally allowed a little play time! Together with Model Orla Roche from Maggie we did a shoot around the idea of being consumed and obsessed with sugar. They are definitely some of the most colorful photos I have taken so far and I'm loving it!

My shot sketches, mood board,  and sweet props for the shoot!

So much sugar shouldn't be legal!

Dianna Quagenti skillfully applies cookie frosting to Orla's eyebrows, yummy!

Orla's fantastical sprinkle eyelashes!
   Ps: I had to hand separate every color sprinkle we used! I felt like I was running some kind of science experiment and collecting specimens!

My Dazzeling Dolls

  So between Rose Fortuna and I we could probably fill a house with random things and accessories we have saved for possible shoots, that's just how we are. So we decided we had to do a shoot revolving around the idea of childhood "dress up" and in all of our prop pack rat glory we dove into our closets! 

  I really loved how these images came out, they have an air of playfulness and youth that was completely what we wanted. The girls were fantastic and Rose even did the makeup with slight smudging to mimic that "play time" look.

And yes, she did make that Lisa Frank banner look fabulous

If you look real close you can see our mountain of props =)

Fake myspace image with our fiesta nails

We are novices in the art of quick nail removal

I made this fabulous nail set for the shoot, and yes I still rock them on occasion

Tessa Morrissey, Rose Fortuna and Rachel Hurst

I think Tessa, Rose and I were separated at birth. Your attitude inspires me girl, I might just make this picture a poster.

* Stay tuned to for images from the shoot!

Out Of Line Editorial

    I first met Faye Hurley when we were both students and working on our final portfolios, Faye's graduation collection was wonderfully whimsical and a true delight to look at.

   We lost touch and a few months ago got in contact again and she informed me that she was working on a collection of jewelry and wanted to finally work together. After much brainstorming and fun chats we decided to step out of our collective comfort zones and pair her jewelry with an explosion of bright colors and patterns!

 I have to say that this experience may have been a turning point for me and led me to a love affair with color.  ;-)
Follow the link below to New Brahmin for the full editorial

It was a clean studio day!

Faye adjusting Ruth's outfit, and Meeka being our lovely prop dog ;-)

"Just trust me on this one guys, lets attach her to the wall."

Faye, Ruth, Rose, and I