So through the blood, sweat and lack of sleep of Jon and Adam the show at converse headquarters was hung two weekends ago and will b
e up for the rest of the week. Jesse and I went with Adam today to check out the show and get the tour of converse.

It was really cool to see nesopers on the wall Adam, Jon, Jeremy, Joe, Dan, Carla, Ruby and Scott are also featured in the show and it looked great!

Here are a couple shots from the gallery.

ArtMarket Opening.

Tonight was my first gallery opening at the ArtMarket in downtown crossing. There was good wine and great photos. Thank you Kitty, Adam, Mikey, Jeremy, Jesse and Pattie for coming out and enjoying the event with me.

My photograph won "best photograph" in the Art photography category and was displayed on the front table with another winning image. Thank you to all the judges and the curator of ArtMarket for selecting and displaying my image.

Here are some images from the Show.

ArtMarket Gallery.
The inside of ArtMarket Gallery.

Kitty and John Standing in front of my image.

New York City Find.

Jesse, Pattie and I took a day trip to NYC to explore and do some scouting. While we were walking around Soho I saw this amazingly talented street vender Castro (

He hand makes these unique pieces of jewelry that were great I just had to pick up something for myself. I bought a leather cuff with metal ring appliqués and feather embellishments. I loooooove it! I can't wait to show it off when I get home.

He had some other stunning leather cuff bracelets as well as some beautiful rings and necklaces so check him out if you are in Soho or take a look at his website he has some amazing stuff.

Summer Happenings

My summer has been a whirlwind of events and trials. What it has lent me is time to look over my images and process some of the ones that I had over looked. I have had an overwhelming responce to my work, I got accepted into 2 galleries so far this summer and I am excited for what is to come!

I have my Underwater photograph and my Cupcake photograph exhibited in the Converse Headquarters Gallery in North Andover

I also am going to have my Lucidity Photo displayed at the ArtMarket Gallery in Downtown Crossing on July 12th.


Today I graduated with Honors in Fashion and Honors in Portraiture. It was one of the biggest decisions of my life to attend NESOP and I can say in full confidence that I will never regret it. I grew as a photographer and as a person and become profoundly attached to a building and the people inside. I have made friends for life, without whom I would not have come as far as I have.

My graduation outfit in all its glory.

We shook the hands of all the faculty.

The Class of 2009!

My dad and I.

The Puwalski's.

Jesse and I.

My friends Bonny and Kyle from MD came to see me graduate. =)

Shoko, Janine and I peering out from behind the flowers.

My fashion Teacher and TA, those guys are amazing and inspiring individuals, they made me want to pursue fashion.

Mike and I clownin' around as usual.

Mr. Jon lee and I. you couldn't ask for a better friend.

Dave Katz and I. He is the director of our school and he was our shoulder to cry on and our kick in the butt. Non of us would have made it through without this man.

My mention in the gallery show!

Me next to my photo in the Gallery show.

Yep, my sister made me a giant cupcake!! =D