Moment of Recognition

So anyone that knows me knows that I have been a major lover of DeviantArt, it facilitates artist interaction and inspiration. There have been a few people who I have been following, oh since I was about 16, that have recently gotten some great press. I was in the bookstore this morning and I can not explain to you the amount of joy I felt pulling these two titles from the magazine rack to see their amazing full color covers.

Jean-Sébastien Monzan ( created the cover on the left. He has been a huge influence on me with his way of photographing series'. He has a unique way of telling a story that invariably lets you create your own plot.

Zhang Jingna ( created the cover on the right. She has been a constant reminder that you can make people notice your talent regardless of you age. Any time I feel discouraged about trying to make my way in this business I pull up her website and look at the amazing things she has accomplished in just 3 years and at 21. Her images are like slices of dreams that hang in the moments after you wake.

I know this doesn't do either of you justice but Congratulations to you both on your covers and I'm proud to be alongside you in the DeviantArt Community.