All can glitter, if you make it gold

After my surgery, I was eager to plan something in New York. I have been thinking about this concept all throughout my recovery period and knew that Yasutaké Kosaka was just the man to pull of this amazing hair concept.

He created two amazing wigs that were absolutely beautiful. It was wonderful to do a street shoot again, I don't think I have done one since I was in school. I think the people of New York definitely got an eye full when our team walked down the street. It's not ever day you see a beautiful girl in a shinning gold wig! Well maybe less out of the ordinary in New York.....

Blood Milk Jewels that we used for the shoot.

Wardrobe layout 


Yuko Nakao dressing Muse Model Andrea Sheffield
Hey New York! We roll with our heads in boxes

We get a little weird after a long day of shooting! 

Look out for the published images in Esthétique Magazine issue 8.

Teaching Assistant

  So for the past 2 years I have been a teaching assistant at the New England School of Photography, where  I graduated from in 2009. I hope I have been able to help and inspire people but I think sometimes my role is just to ease the tention and provide a laugh.

  I will miss helping people create images through this forum, but I don't think I'll ever stop collaborating and creating so there can only be more.

We are the Unicorns of the Boston Marathon. High Hoe AWAY!

Field Trippin' and Location Scoutin'

  Rose and I went on a little scouting field trip today for an exciting upcoming editorial at the Harvard Museum of Natural History. We were no better than the hoards of children running around as we practically screamed and gushed at the treasures in each room.

I have serious regret that I was never able to go on a field trip to somewhere like this as I child. I would have gladly substituted one of the three trips to the science center that my school went on to go on one to this place! Blue Magruder was kind enough to give us a personal tour and I have to tell you that it was one of the best times I have every had in Boston.

I can't wait to shoot here!

All these flowers are made out of glass!!

I love that Rose humors me when I say to "pose real quick"

Rose in a rather contemplative dino pose

We were truly amazed by the "hall of giants!" 
What up Zebra?!
I pretty much fell in love with this little deer <3

My absolute favorite room
Is it bad that I wish that this is what my room looked like?

My favorite skeletal guy

Rose was not feelin' the crazy specimen jars!

The evolution of the fashionista

This would be amazing hairstyle inspiration.

Why, oh why, did humans evolve without horns!?!?! I want them!

I was amazed that there were so many huming birds!
One Fish, two fish!
This little guy kinda looks like Taco! 

I was so into this! ;-)

The Runaway: Spirited Magazine

The temperature in Boston has been unbearable lately, I long for California and all its vitamin D yielding sunlight! However, if you find yourselves able to venture out into that unholy weather tomorrow come to the Lily pad tomorrow night in Inman Square.

Spirited magazine is hosting a Soirée to honor the release of its second issue "Cloak and Dagger." Spirited was initially conceived as instillation art, as it has been embraced by a growing number of supporters it has transcended the original concept and become a full fledged magazine. 

I had heard nothing but wonderful things about Stylist Amanda Maciel Antunes and when I got the opportunity to work with her I discovered that none of them quite do her justice. I have never met someone as driven, ambitious and delightful as this young woman. She is the editor in chief of Spirited and pretty much runs around like a mad lady getting everything together. 

Amanda saw a lack of connection in the creative community and bore Spirited out of a desire to bring artists together. 

It is a goal after my own heart and to me it makes Amanda a fiercely courageous girl. 

Below is the editorial we worked on together:

Spirited Magazine "Cloak and Dagger" Issue can be viewed via the link below:

Shake it up, its okay

I recently had the opportunity to shoot for Papercut magazine's holiday issue. The idea behind this shoot was that the Wendi (the model) is stuck in a snow globe and plays on the dynamic of shaking the snow globe and letting it settle.

This ended up being one of the longest shoots I've had, we started at 11am and finished up around 9pm. Despite the long hours these wonderful girls made it all worth it!


Photographer: Jackie Puwalski
Model: Wendi Sickinger @Maggie Inc.
Wardrobe Stylist: Rina Patsiokostas @ Team
Make up: Alanna Digregorio
Hair: Laura Dillon

Special Thanks to:
Camilla Wellton
The Keegan Collection
Blood Milk Jewelry

The issue has arrive and is winking at me from it's pretty plastic =)

My image in the print magazine!

You can view the magazine Here -

Los Muertos Photoshoot

Makeup Artist extraordinar Ms. Rose Fortuna and I had been talking about doing a halloween inspired photo shoot for a long time. She had the amazing inspiration to pull out all the stops and do a day of the day editorial.

We were so lucky to have such a willing crew for this shoot, I mean Cynthia (the stylist and I) lugged the dresser up from a musty basement and lit it on fire in the middle of the lawn. How fun is that?!

(This is one of my favorites from this shoot. I was later honored to know that it won "Shot of the week" on Melissa Rodwell's Fashion photography Blog.
She has and continues to been a tremendous inspiration to me, so it ment a great deal to be recognized by her.)

Photography: Jackie Puwalski
Post processing: Jackie Puwalski
Model: Christine Keenan @ Maggie Inc.
Wardrobe Stylist: Cynthia August
Makeup: Rose Fortuna
Hair: Justin Robey

The rest of this editorial can be viewed on or

Why won't you let me stand in my own way?!

Hark! It is is preposterous how disconnected we, as artists, have become! We let these machines soulless create our art for us! I for one think that if we are truly artist, let us turn away from photography and towards painting, for that is the truer art form! So I say put down your Cannon's, your Nikon's, and your Leica's and raise your paintbrushes towards the heavens!! you have to imagine me saying that in the most self important tone of voice you can think of to get the full effect.

Anyone who has done a stint in art school inevitably gets entrapped in the never ending dialog about progress. Some people think that doing hands on and alternative processing (in regard to photography) are a more true or pure form of the art form than digital photography.

 For anyone doesn't think that spending 9 hours in a hole "suffering for their art" is what makes you an artist, this is actually incredibly insulting.

So lets discuss this idea:

Some claim that essentially the tactile nature of hand printing, emulsion coating, and alternative processing is what makes you truly connected with "nature" and your work. The silver in emulsion, the wood in 4x5 camera, the chemicals used to developed are all things derived from nature and using them somehow connects you to mother Gaia and make it more meaningful. Also that the artist must be involved in every aspect of the process or it is no longer "their creation". :Gasp!

I just don't understand how you can truly think all of those things and not understand how elitist and close minded they actually are. (This is ironic because most of the people that have these or similar beliefs frequently think they are incredibly open minded)

Most people dismiss the digital age as giving photographers "an easy button" and a "loss of connection to their work."

First let me address that not all photographers are artists. I REPEAT, NOT ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS ARE ARTIST! Some people just like it and they figure it is a better career than being an accountant. There are those that go out to photograph the weddings, barmitzvahs, parties, and editorial articles of the world without ever considering the message they will try to convey with their images.

That being said I think that people who think that the technology has made photography easier don't understand how to use it. What technology has done to the field of photography is open it up, increase the possibilities ten fold to what they were before! We are able to fully explore the outer limits of our imagination!

Fine art majors always like to hype up the notion of the"process" being the most important part of "art." But if it was then we would all go through life simply doing and never achieving. There is a psychology to using different tools, they do yield different ways of thinking however we use those tools to feel a certain way in order to achieve a result or product.

It is about the process and the product, BOTH of those ideas TOGETHER.

When we are only concerned with the process than we would hang photos in our galleries of a perfect zone system print or a picture of a red dot because of what their "process" was to achieve said image..... oh wait.... we do that don't we? MoMa? ......hmmm shouldn't that be called therapy and not photography?

Really what needs to be said is stop thinking, pondering, discussing, and lecturing about photography and go out and create imagery!

.......Or maybe I should begin construction on my hut in the woods where I will make a small hole in the wall and sit in darkness.....

Siren's Allure Photoshoot

I have been longing to do a photo shoot at the beach all summer, and when I found out that we were going to have the last warm day of the summer I grabbed a fab team of ladies and headed to the beach! Novelist Holly Black in one of her books writes about a creature that lures people into the water, killing them and forever making them a companion. That idea has always stayed in my mind and I wanted to somehow incorporate the feeling of helplessness, danger and yearning into the shoot.

Cynthia August (Stylist) was able to a place for us to do hair and makeup and then we headed out on our beach adventure!I forgot how much of a challenge it is to shoot on sand, I still have sand in my camera case!

(Everyone getting ready)

(Sara) (Rose)

(Amanda and I lounging around while trying to find some snacks for the shoot)

(Rose is blossoming into a brilliant little lighting technician)

(Lighting specialist I tell you!)

(My photographing the lovely Amanda Gordon)

(I think we did pretty well for an on location base camp)

All behind the scenes photographs taken by Kitty Dare. 

Below are some of the final images from the shoot!

BloodMilk by J.L Schnabel

So recently I have been emerging myself in the blogs of fashionistas, artists, designers, and psychopaths and upon my journey I found J.L Schnabel's Blog. She is a delightfully insightful and inspiring jewelry designer and artists from Philly. She creates jewelry from vintage or found pieces and are uniquely cast.

I had approached J. L. about using some of her pieces in the gibson house photoshoot. However, thanks to the soul less cretins at the US Postal Service, that wasn't possible. There was a masterful issue with the shipping and we weren't able to receive the package until after the shoot.

I wanted to at least do some test shots with the pieces while I had them. Here are some of the photos that I took of J.L. Schnabel's jewelry.

Please check out her Etsy account for more examples of her work!


Artist Wanted: Self

Hello Again,

I recently entered a self portraiture call for entry through this awesome organization called "Artist Wanted." They seem like a pretty amazing organization with some great opportunities, and any time Steve Buscemi and Chris Weitz can see your work you know its a good day.

Here is a link to my entry, I'd love to see what you guys think. Let me know and vote if you like it!

To vote you click on the stars at the bottom of the page, you can only vote once every 24hours.


oxox  -Jackie