Band Shoot: Trish Hosein

So I have gotten the opportunity to photograph a lot more bands lately, I really enjoy doing band shoots because it is always a challenge to work a band's music and attitude into the mood of their photos.

I met Trish Hosein at one of the Red Mango shows Jesse put together she has a very interesting sound so I jumped at the chance to photograph her and her band a couple months later for her promo photos.

I loved their energy and spunk and I can't wait to hear great things from them!

xoxo - Jackie

Chi Bang Bodies

Jesse and I have belong to Gold's gym in Fenway for a while, Chi runs his training business  "Chi Bang Bodies // Personal Training" out of Gold's. Chi trains a lot of the areas premiere athletes and entertainers including Red Sox players and Olympic athletes. So needless the say he is one hardcore man!

Last christmas I purchased training sessions from one of Chi's trainers for Jesse (he got me 10 classes at Synergy for christmas that year. It kind of felt a little "gift of the magi.")  From that Chi and I really got acquainted and I even took some photographs of him with one of his trainers for an assignment while I was in school.

So recently when Chi approached me about doing some photos of him while he was in competition condition I was thrilled! I strived for a more "Men's Health" look to the photos with Chi and we even put his muscles to work doing a little parkour set up. I'm extremely happy with how these turned out, it was such a new and fun experience for me to shoot something like this.

Chi placed in the top tier for his first competition and we did the shoot between that and his second competition (WHICH HE TOOK FIRST PLACE IN!!!!) 

Congratulations Chi!

Being A subject

Recently my very good friend and talented photographer Alice Bialobrodec took my picture for a project she is working on. She is taking photos of current students or recent graduates and gathering their thoughts on the educational system.

I really admire Alice for her drive and her ability to look at situations in different ways. She had to do this project for her class and she dove headfirst into it! She is collecting the photos and words of young people negatively effected by the education system in American and will be mailing them to the congressman!

Below are some of the images she took of me and my statement about education.

© Alice B Photography

© Alice B Photography

© Alice B Photography

" The act of "working your way through school" is non-existent in this country anymore. We have become the United States of debt and the only way to get a better future is to sign away your life to a bank. If you are one of the unlucky majority to put yourselves through school, loans offer the only bridge to get you to your degree.
After graduating college I found that without my knowledge my loans were sold to banks I had never heard of and separated between those lenders. Now I pay banks that deliberately obscure payment information from me so that my account incurs fees. Loans should not deter people from educating themselves, and they do. "

- Jackie Puwalski 

Portfolio Shoots and large cups of COFFEE!

So last weekend I was scurrying around frantically trying to get everything straightened out with the class I am a TA for and both of the shoots I had planned for Sunday and Monday... lets just say me feet were not happy with me.

My shoot on Sunday was such a thrill, it was a portfolio shoot for MUA Sadie Sham. The team we managed to put together was fantastic and after I set up the lights for our studio images I was just bewildered at the skills of hair stylist Tuan Nyguen.

We did 1 Avant Guard look, 3 Bridal looks, and something more Photojournalist or Improper Style. I actually really enjoyed doing the Bridal looks, anyone who knows me can understand how those are really big leaps for me in terms of style but I am really excited about them. Here are some examples of the non bridal looks I mentioned and I will be posting the bridal looks soon!

Model: Jennifer Kutt
Stylist: Terry Wheaton
Hair Stylist: Tuan Nyguen
Makeup Artists: Sadie Sham

Model: Kerri Leigh
Stylist: Terry Wheaton
Hair Stylist: Tuan Nyguen
Makeup Artists: Sadie Sham

Southern Comfort.

Although I am a very northern girl at heart but there are sometimes when you know when the south feels like home. I could never call it home but I can call it family.

I recently ventured to New Orleans for the first time which was a fantastic experience. I think to my family I was living up to my "crazed photographer" name and shoving them in front of every doorway and building imaginable ad clicking away. That city is absolutely beautiful I hope to go back there for a prolonged stay with the boyfriend.

The prime destination of the family venture in the middle of my school year (yikes) was to attend my cousin's wedding for which we found ourselves in Pensacola Florida. I had such a blast seeing the family and taking pictures that I was almost sad to come home.... which was interesting because it took 3 trips and 4 airports to get me home =)

A street view of New Orleans.

Yes thats right... dancing grenades are prominent in new orleans and they sell beer.

I was just amused by this =)

New Orleans is beautiful at night.

I thought this car looked like a clay model =)

End of day 1.

Portrait I took of my brother in law at our hotel.

After I took his portrait he helped me photograph my sister. Human light stands are the best!

One of the shots from that day.

Portrait I took of my sister at my cousins wedding. She probably had more photos taken of her than the wedding party.

A rare images of yours truly.