June 14th Inspiration

Here are a few things that inspire me both in life and art.

1. My Boyfriend Jesse who constantly pushes to go further, think about things differently, and push myself.....even when I don't want to. 

2. Sandy Poirier/ The Shag Army; I fell in love with these people and this place the first time I stepped inside. You will not find nicer people or cooler haircuts anywhere. Go try, I DARE YOU.

3. Doubt; Meryl Streep is such an amazing actress and this movie only further showcases it. The way the director creates mood and drama is simply masterful.

4. Joan Jett ; Her look, her attitude, her drive, her music. I think I LOVE everything about Joan Jett. Her "make it on my own terms" attitude keeps me motivated to push through and get myself where I want to be. And I would definitely have her babies, I'm just sayin'

5. The Kills; I'm torn as to whether it is Alison Mosshart's drop dead sexy voice or their bare bones song structure that make me utterly love the Kills. I adore her in the Dead Weather too but The Kills just makes me want to shout from the roof!

6. Kristen Stewart; Even if your not down with the twilight scene you have to notice there is something about Kristen Stewart. She is uncontrollably awkward, curious and innocent; I think she actually might be the only person in existence as awkward in social situations as me. For good or bad what I admire about her is her realness, she shows her emotions and that should be applauded. 

7. Z!nk Magazine; This magazine is one of the publications that keeps me focused, makes me remember where I want my work to live.

8. Peanut butter and blueberry smoothies + Pavement = iced coffee; These are pretty much my daily rations. If I am being honest I have now worked up to 2-3 iced coffee's per day, the people at pavement probably think I am crazy. Definitely one of, if not the best, cups of coffee in town.

9. Film; yes yes I know I have always preached being a digital girl but right now I'm really feelin' the analog love. Watch out for the film shoots coming your way!